Raj Adgopul

Raj Adgopul

Raj Adgopul is a professional storyteller and inspirational speaker who uses his own experience to help other people on their own journey.

Born in the village of Solapur in central India, Raj had a difficult childhood. His father was an alcoholic and took his own life when Raj was just two years old. His mother remarried, and Raj was raised by her and her new husband, both of whom abused him throughout his childhood. His mother would go on to take her own life from a self-inflicted insulin overdose in 2018. He suffered sexual, emotional and physical abuse by both their hands, as well as severe neglect throughout his youth.

Due to the pre-verbal years of abuse and neglect he suffered, Raj formed a disorganised attachment style, known as the worse combination of Anxious and Avoidant Attachment behaviour. He would then go on to be diagnosed with a range of personality disorders, including Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Emotional Unstable Personality and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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Wonderfully entertaining, thanks for pointing out our different ways of doing things. 5/5
Very entertaining but insightful commentary on the differences between Bristol and Indian cultures. 5/5
Really enjoyable – a comparison of cultures is always so interesting. 5/5
Thank you very much, very interesting, enlightening and entertaining. Good anthropological observations. 5/5
A wonderful talk by Raj who showed us how lucky we are to live here and very amusing, but also gave us time to think. 5/5
Such an insight, such encouragement, your mission is wonderful, your insight is brilliant.
What a great education about life in England and India! 5/5
I am indeed left with a feeling of gratitude that I live in the UK. 5/5
Wonderful talk, very enlightening, made me feel very lucky in life. 5/5
Masterclass! Very much enjoyed knowing new facts. 5/5
Your talk was eye opening and gave me more of an understanding of Indian people. 5/5
Inspirational talk, humour and compassion mixed, reflective and sensitive. 5/5
To find one word would be extraordinary to encompass the talk we experienced! 5/5

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