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Welcome to our Great British Speakers’ Podcast Series. 

Throughout this series, we will be speaking to some of the UK’s leading keynote speakers, top business leaders, motivational speakers, mental health advocates, pro-athletes, innovators, explorers and many more… 

During each episode, our speakers share some fantastic key takeaways, offering just a little insight into what you can gain by hiring a Great British Speaker for your next event. 

Plus, each episode also has an important focus point – whether that be mental health and corporate wellbeing, equality and inclusion, business, future change & leadership or the cost of living. So, no matter whether you’re listening for professional development or personal reasons, there really is an episode to engage with everyone! 

What’s more, if you’d like a bit more information about the speakers we chat to, many can also be found on our blog, where you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next event. With 800+ speaking talents to choose from, we really hope you find your perfect speaker with us!

So if you like what you hear, pick up the phone and call our team on +44 1753 439 289 or email us to book a speaker for your next corporate event.
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