Kate Atkin

Kate Atkin

Kate Atkin is a speaker on imposter syndrome who offers training consultant and coaching on overcoming the ‘Imposter’

Offering her keynote talk “Success: What Lies Behind the Mask? Understanding and Exploring the Imposter Syndrome (and why it’s really a phenomenon)”, Kate has worked with many high-end clients on business, management and communication issues within their workplace.

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Thank you for delivering an informative and engaging session on Imposter Syndrome for the Home Office Gender Equality Network. We had initially planned for this session to be delivered in person. You quickly adapted when it was moved online due to COVID-19 restrictions, and used your confident and personable presenting style to ensure the session remained interactive and that attendees engaged throughout. Your expert knowledge of the subject matter shone through during the presentation, and you gave precise and empathetic answers to questions raised, often signalling further resources on the issue. Attendees have commented on how valuable they found the practical focus of your presentation. Everyone left the session with a set of things they can start doing today to build their confidence and tackle imposter syndrome.
Corinne Ribbons, The Home Office

As someone who left medicine essentially because I was unable to shake feelings of what I now realise were classic of imposter syndrome, it was incredible for me to hear the talk on this; thank you Kate. I will be doing lots more research into this!
NHS Doctor

Kate is like no other speaker we have worked with, she is truly inspirational. She shares her vulnerabilities with her audience and examples of the imposter phenomenon to bring to life some of the theory which helps people with practical coping mechanisms – she is empowering.
Janine Menasakanian, Vanguard Asset Management

Kate is an outstanding speaker and a facilitator. She delivered two virtual sessions during this COVID19 pandemic on ‘Impact and Influence’ and ‘Success – what lies behind the mask’, which received positive feedback especially with her ability to engage and interact with the audience. Thank you Kate.
Jamal Uddin, Organisational & Staff Development Team, Middlesex University

Kate is a fantastic speaker, knowledgeable, approachable and with a great stage presence. The hour-long session on the Imposter Syndrome flew by and we had glowing feedback afterwards. Lots of people said they’d never heard it discussed openly before, or didn’t even realise it was something that had a name, and that the session had made them feel more comfortable about sharing their own experiences. By the end of the event, 60% said they were either quite or very confident in their ability to tackle Imposter Syndrome in the future, in comparison to only 20% who said the same right at the start. I would highly recommend Kate as a speaker and expert on this topic, and I hope our paths cross again in the future.
Tor Goldfield, Internal Communications Director, Expedia

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