Zara Janjua

Zara Janjua

Zara Janjua is an award-winning Scottish-Pakistani presenter and broadcaster and a familiar face on TV.

From human rights journalism to stand-up comedy, Zara has a career spanning the whole gamut of TV, film, and radio. The writer, producer, and filmmakers has worked on ITV’s This Morning, sits on the ethnicity advisory council for NatWest Bank, played a journalist in ITV’s Karren Pirrie, and films humanitarian documentaries all over the world. She’s presented programmes from Guatemala to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Zara is also a popular keynote speaker, and has spoke to an audience of 16,000 in Melbourne for Rotary International, and was a finalist for the United Nations Women Award.

Not bad for someone who was sacked 21 times!

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