Vanessa Ruck

Vanessa Ruck

After being hit by a car while cycling in 2014, Vanessa’s world was turned upside down, resulting in 7 surgeries and a rollercoaster of mental and physical recovery spanning 7 years. Through her recovery she discovered motorcycles, becoming known as “The Girl On A Bike”.

Vanessa is a motorcycle rider, motivational speaker and racer. She speaks passionately and authentically about the challenges of recovery from a life changing accident and making the most of every day

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“What a refreshing presenter!

Vanessa delivered an emotional and hard hitting story, with clear and concise strategies for thriving in life, in a cool, calm and professional manner. She showed a deft ability to switch between the styles needed in these different environments and has built a lasting impression with many of the students she interacted with. Vanessa lures the students attention with her knowledge and experience and when their guard is down she delivers the tough lessons that they need to hear.”

Rednock School

You speak so well about mental health, I have never seen a group of guys so captivated by a mental health related conversation like I did on Thursday evening.

Audience member

‘As the owner of Dorothy’s Speed Shop down in North Devon I booked Vanessa to come and give a talk and go riding the next day. As a result, I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a guest speaker. She’s passionate about the subject, has a great story to tell but more importantly you get the sense that she really wants to connect and engage with the audience, and the feedback I had from my customers as a result was phenomenal. Great speaker and great person to have around. Would highly recommend.’

Nathan Millard, Dororthy’s Speed Shop

I literally struggled to hold back the tears listening to you speak. The world has thown some shit at you but you turned it around and threw it back.

You don’t let life beat you, I was so inspired.

Everyday since I think ‘what would Vanessa do’ when I feel challenged, even by the smallest thing.

Thank you, you were exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it.

Audience member

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