Stephen K Amos

Stephen K Amos

London-born Stephen K Amos has entertained audiences around the world with his natural, assured delivery, and his honest, unique material. 

Not content with only stand-up, Stephen K Amos is also a gifted actor, impressing critics with his performances on stage and screen, both in comedic and dramatic roles. He has starred in television shows such as Eastenders (1985-), and the stage show One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (2004-2005). 

Comfortable as a comedian, performer, presenter, actor, and guest, there is no doubt that Amos will retain his position as one of the UK’s favourite comedians for many years to come. 


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“Comedy at its purest and richest form.”

The Advertiser

“Amos has the sort of commanding presence and confidence that could only have come from years of working the circuit.”

Arts Hub

‘We roared at ad-libbing that was first rate throughout…Amos at his best. You’ll leave the show smiling.’

The Times

“A great show.”

Herald Sun

“He offers something for everyone. No matter who you are, guaranteed you’ll leave feeling satisfied.”

Five AA 

“Sharp, witty and effortlessly charming.”

Radio Adelaide

“A night with the effervescent Stephen K Amos guarantees a bundle of laughs and an ab workout.”

Adelaide Now 


The Clothesline

“You can’t deny Amos’ infectious energy.”

Rip It Up

“Comedy God… Amos delivered another outstanding comedy experience.”

Impulse Gamer

“Funny and charming.”

Performing Arts Hub


The Daily Review

“Amos is an entertainer and a master of laughter… There’s a reason [he] is an international headliner.”

The Plus Ones

“Infectious happiness.”

The Beat

“A note-perfect hour.”


“Unashamed feel-good entertainment. Amos has had his share of TV exposure, but nothing that has successfully captured what he does live. If only a broadcaster could bottle the magic that was conjured up last night Amos would finally be a household name way beyond the Amos household.”

The Evening Standard

“Amos is a brilliant comedian who has the ability to strike up an instant rapport with his live audience. I’ve seen him stand in front of a room of strangers and after a few minutes they all seem to be his friends.”

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke

“As his autobiographical sitcom plays out on Radio 4, Amos is officially becoming a national treasure. Expect more warm insight and spiky charm here.”

The Sunday Times

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