Shola Kaye

Shola Kaye

Shola Kaye is a communication, inclusive leadership and empathy at work expert, author, and award-winning diversity speaker on a mission to create happy, engaged and productive workplaces.

She is passionate about helping organisations create an atmosphere of belonging for their people and for those individuals in turn, to be given the skills and opportunity to communicate with power and clarity. When individuals have the confidence and tools to share their brilliance, amazing things happen:

People are transformed into leaders.

Teams and groups perform better.

Everyone gains.

Shola Kaye’s work has appeared in a variety of industry journals, she is a LinkedIn Learning instructor and her clients include The Untied Nations and Deloitte.

When booked as a diversity and inclusion speaker, Shola Kaye provides personal anecdotes as well as vital key thoughts on gender and race equality, as well as calling out behaviour that does not support the move towards it.

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Shola conducted a wonderful and engaging webinar session on communication in diverse teams for UNFPA! Her method of using the chatbox on Zoom to make sure everyone was engaged was super helpful for those who were not comfortable speaking up with the large group of people she was presenting to. Shola was very well-spoken and king and I would highly recommend her work to any organisation looking to improve communication skills between colleagues and teams.
Helin Alcinkaya, United Nationals Population Fund

A great company-wide virtual keynote on Empathy in the workplace. It was a fascinating subject, and I think it was the most engagement I have seen with a topic – clearly it gave people food for thought and resonated. Our HR team has already said that they would like to incorporate some of the tools you gave us into the updated manager training programme. Our diversity and inclusion sponsor on the board of directors even contacted me to say that he really enjoyed the talk and especially how engaging it was for the audience – which I consider a great success!
Natasha Gibbs, Diversity and Inclusion Council, S-RM Corporate Intelligence

I had the pleasure of listening to Shola speak about presenting with confidence. Her personal journey to find her own confidence captures the audience. An inspiring and thought provoking presentation.
Parveen, Senior Legal Counsel, Data Privacy, Digital and Risk Management

I attended Shola’s empathy webinar this morning and found her very articulate, with really good mastery of the subject matter. She broke down the session into simple bite-size sections, which made it easy to relate to. I especially loved the frameworks she shared – very useful takeaways. Thanks for sharing your time and paying it forward during this difficult period. Great use of an hour!
Olanike, Board Trustee at Care & Relief for the Young

Shola’s session on Empathy was great and very concise. Even though we did it online, it was interactive and engaging. Concepts were simple to understand and there were key and practical take-away points from the session!
Jasmine, Consumer Tester, Beauty at Hearst

Shola is a big impact speaker and compelling storyteller. Be warned: her energy and positivity are highly contagious.
Paul Keenan, President, Bauer Media Audio

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