Sally Bee

Sally Bee

Sally Bee is an international motivational speaker, an author, broadcaster and survivor of five heart attacks.

Sally was only 36 years old when she experienced her first heart attack, an episode that started at a children’s birthday party where she suddenly felt extreme pain in her chest. Thinking she was too young to have a heart attack, the hospital sent her home with indigestion tablets.

Sadly, she had a further two heart attacks in the coming weeks and her family were advised to say their goodbyes due to the extensive damage caused to her heart. Having made a full recovery and worked hard on her mental wellbeing, Sally’s world was rocked again 12 years later in 2016, when she suffered two further heart attacks.

Having fought for her life five times, Sally knows the true meaning and importance of resilience and inner strength. What became patently clear to Sally was the need to strip away all the noise and meaningless distractions to gain clarity on what is really important in life, and this is something Sally shares in her inspiring talks.

Sally has appeared in print and broadcast media, is a healthy living expert for ITV and has published six books.

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