Roger Steare

Roger Steare

Also known as The Corporate Philosopher, Roger Steare is a keynote speaker, published author, and expert on leadership, development, culture, ethics, and diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Over a career spanning 45 years, 26 of those within his own business, he has worked closely with CEOs, leadership teams, and colleagues to help navigate multi-billion-dollar ethical challenges and opportunities.

He has worked with regulators, governments, and professional bodies including the CIPD, SWP, FCA, FRC, ICAEW, IIA, and IOSCO. He has also drawn on a range of peer-reviewed research in philosophy, psychology, religion, science, popular culture, professional integrity, and organisational culture, to develop an approach that can transform individuals, teams, and organisations in just a few months.

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Roger Steare is brilliant in his field and thinks very differently from most. He can add massive value to individuals and organisations.
Joe Garner, CEO, HSBC, Openreach, and Nationwide

Roger is a lighthouse, in thick fog, in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
Richard Watson, Futurist, Imperial College

Your interventions were the most thought provoking and stimulating I have heard in a long time.
Arlene McCarthy OBE, Advisor to Michael Bloomberg

Roger was challenging, provocative, humorous, and very engaging with the students.
Louise Sutton, Academy Director, Consalia, in Association with Middlesex University

I just wanted to say a very big thank you for coming along and speaking at our even this morning. I thought you were brilliant and absolutely fascinating.
Mia Campbell, Manager, Fraud Advisory Panel, ICAEW

Your session, which was extremely interactive, was delivered with passion.
Air Commodore Peter Gray, Director, Defence Leadership and Management Centre

It’s said a good creative can step outside the everyday and look at it with new eyes. Roger has this uncanny ability: to look at what we do every day, in work, in play, and ask ‘if this is what we do only because we have always done it – is there a better way?’ He offers an alternative. A way that can turn confrontation into community, coercion into camaraderie, and business into pleasure.
Nick Knowles, RTS Award-Winning TV Presenter

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