Peter Komolafe

Peter Komolafe

Peter Komolafe is a highly thought-of financial expert, content creator, television presenter and podcast broadcaster. He is a qualified financial advisor and uses this knowledge and his skills to help others understand their finances and their money worries.

In 2020, Peter founded Conversation of Money, his website, podcast and YouTube Channel where he provides helpful information that “the younger you might not understand, but the older you is grateful for”.

Peter is an educated, knowledgeable, relatable and entertaining speaker who has worked for some of the world’s top financial institutions. He aims to combine his personal life and that of global finances to help inspire audiences to take control of their own money.

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For me it was helpful to have an open conversation with a person that will have an outside and objective point of view, who is there to help ME to achieve what is important for me. I like that you welcome any question, no matter what it was. I ended up the session with a feeling of control and empowerment, glad to have a plan and set some goals for my money.
Maria, Personal Customer

The holistic coaching session to review my current (and joint) financial situation has been very insightful and informative. I’m pleased that we got to discuss options available, and I’ll definitely act on some of your recommendations that I hadn’t considered before. They will certainly be very beneficial for a better financial future. Thank you!
Kate, Personal Customer

Coaching has helped me to grow in confidence financially, meaning that I now know I can achieve my financial goals by having clear plans and putting figures to each goal. Especially being self employed, I now have a clear idea with what to do with each pay cheque instead of money just passing in and out of my hands. I’m so grateful.
Simone, Personal Customer

I have a much greater understanding of my investments, and I feel I now have the tools I need to be able to make better informed decisions in the future.
Alex, Personal Customer 

I knew I needed to do something about my finances and I now feel confident to proceed in setting up my personal portfolio with adequate diversificaiton. I also have the basic tools and techniques for ongoing reviews of my investment progress. The biggest take away is confidence that my DIY approach can actually be risk mitigated.
James, Personal Customer

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