Patrick Melville

Patrick Melville

Patrick Melville is a mental health practitioner, marketing professional and cancer survivor.

 His passion is to guide and inspire individuals to self-care so they can cope with all of life’s challenges, both professional, business and personal. 

Patrick is guided by the vision of preventing mental illness and building mental health resilience through the removal of the stigma and lack of education around mental health.

He uses his professional mental health expertise, his own practical learning in a growing industry and his personal experience with terminal brain cancer to give bespoke support.  

For 16 years Patrick worked in the marketing and media sector. In 2015 he formed Melville Mental Solutions, a company that helps brands work smarter through mental health, marketing, business development and strategy. He offers one to one work and group services. 

Patrick is regularly interviewed in online discussions to speak about mental health, resilience and anxiety. He has been published in a number of publications in the UK and abroad, has appeared on BBC Radio, as well as hosting his own podcast.

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“We wholeheartedly recommend Patrick Melville – Melville Solutions to any organisation seeking to implement effective mental health initiatives in the manufacturing industry.  Patrick’s expertise, compassion and commitment to creating a mentally healthy workplace is truly exceptional.”

Bob Hart, Programme Director, Smart Manufacturing Alliance

”Patrick recently ran a training session for my team and I, by video. The session was informative, educational and made the whole team think. We came away from the session with a sense of purpose and a range of ideas we could put into action straight away. I would highly recommend Paddy as a speaker and trainer who can help your team achieve a higher level of performance through improved mental health, resilience and awareness.”

Alex Wilkins, Principle at Keyplan Wealth, Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management

“Patrick was hosting a mental health workshop within our team which can be a helpful way to increase awareness and promote positive mental health practices. Key takeaways from such a workshop were including strategies for managing stress, recognising and addressing symptoms of mental health conditions, practicing self-care, and seeking support when needed. By providing actionable tips and fostering a supportive environment, a mental health workshop can help team members prioritise their mental health and well-being. Thank you so much Patrick for your great workshop.

Nina Benning, Brand Partnerships Retail & eCommerce at TikTok

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