Nick Williams

Nick Williams

Nick Williams: Leading to inspire the best in your people. How to draw the best from yourself and others.

A key element of leadership today is not how to control or manipulate people, but to inspire them and develop your ability to draw the best out of yourself and others.

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“I think you’re a great enabler, you encourage people to believe in themselves to the point at which they believe their dreams are possible. I remember one of your quotes and say it to myself often, “There are greater forces at work than market forces”. Oh, so true. You lead people to a place where they can see the limitations they believed were in place in their lives were nothing more than illusions of their own creation and that the real truth is that there are endless opportunities for a rich and fulfilling life.”

– Liz Trubridge, the executive producer of Downton Abbey

“Nick presented ILM’s most successful Leadership Masterclass to date, ‘Unleash your inner brilliance’. We normally attract around 20 people per Masterclass but for Nick’s event we had 75! Nick tackled that part of individuals that much of the leadership literature doesn’t; the inner self and spark that lies in all of us. He goes right to the heart of what makes people tick – showing individuals how they can unlock their passion, tap into their leadership skills and become more successful. On top of that Nick is lovely to work with – he’s a high quality professional with a big heart and tonnes of insight to boot.”

– Helen Oldfield, Head of Marketing, the Institute of Leadership & Management

“Nick Williams offers useful and inspiring insights to explore the infinite possibilities inherent in every human being.”

– Deepak Chopra, author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success many other books

“I have known Nick for several years now as a writer, guide, mentor and presenter. His inspirational messages and real wisdom about life and love are valued by everyone he touches. He is compassionate and challenging with equal balance; a powerful combination in the mentoring world. Nick certainly is a force majeure in this world and is truly making a difference in the lives of many people.”

– Sue Cheshire, founder of The Global Leaders Academy

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