Marlo Clarke

Marlo Clarke

Marlo Clarke is an engaging Personal Development Speaker, empowering individuals to find their purpose in the present moment while navigating the uncertainties on the path to achieving their goals.

As a former Barbados international rugby player, charity and business director in the USA and UK, and two-time TEDx Speaker, Marlo Clarke’s extraordinary journey has taken him to present to a diverse range of audiences, from Fortune 500 companies in the USA to rural schools in South Africa.

Throughout his travels across three continents, Marlo has interviewed hundreds of individuals from all walks of life, including CEOs, politicians, students, and young professionals, listening to their stories and learning about their struggles and triumphs.

Through his global journey Marlo identified the profound truth that many people pursue success without a clear personal definition of what it is to them.

His teachings empower audiences to define their purpose in the present moment, navigate
uncertainty, incrementally improve, find genuine fulfilment on their journey, and explore options for thriving after reaching their lofty goals.

Marlo’s captivating storytelling and well balanced humour takes his audience on a journey that offers a clear and confident way forward. His popular talks are inspirational, humorous, and knowledgeable and they have a profound impact for his audiences.

Marlo has delivered two TEDx talks and other former clients include Quad Cities Chamber, Deere Employees Credit Union, Y of the USA, Humanist UK, Africa.

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“Marlo Clarke is by far the best speaker we have had during our 7-year programme. He is engaging,transparent, and a wealth of information. When he speaks, it feels like he is speaking to each and every person in the room directly. I have had him speak to groups as small as 15 and as large as 200 and every time they come away beaming and ready to take on new challenges.”
Jessica– Educator

“We have had speakers who were Harvard Business lecturers, TEDx presenters, podcast hosts, and leadership coaches, to name a few. The speaker who has achieved the highest marks from our post-summit surveys is Marlo Clarke. Marlo, through his advice and perspective, has proven to be an invaluable resource to me both professionally and personally. He is a thoughtful listener, he asks timely, probing questions, and when he offers a response, he does so with an authenticity I find to be rare.”
Ryan – Chief Retail Officer

“As soon as he started talking, I felt like Marlo was talking directly to me. This wasn’t just another motivational speech that let me with excitement and energy, but no way of knowing how to put these feelings to use. I actually got tangible advice that I applied to my life, and still use to this day.”
Jenna – Author

“Marlo was instead a poet-philosopher and offered clarity of vision, purpose, authenticity, and problem-solving strategies. I see myself and my place, people, and time with more clarity and resonance for having been a witness to Marlo’s presentation.”
Jim – Psychologist

“As an organiser, I was excited to have Marlo on our team, and as an attendee, I left his session feeling inspired and engaged in our collective mission. I highly recommend Marlo as an inspirational, humorous, and knowledgeable speaker to your organisation or agency.
Amiee –Conference Chairperson

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