Juanita Headley

Juanita Headley

Juanita Headley is a globally recognised speaker and anti-human trafficking advocate, as well as an author and licensed New York attorney.

Through her work as a volunteer advocate, Juanita Headley has an unwavering commitment and dedication towards members of the indigent community and people enslaved as a result of bonded labour, domestic servitude and sexual exploitation.

Juanita Headley also has over a decade of global humanitarian experience including feeding members of the indigent community, serving individuals in the Red Light District, volunteering with victims of human trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation, as well as disaster relief work,

As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather, Juanita is now passionate about travelling the world sharing her story and the plight of others that have suffered similar and other forms of exploitation.

Through the art of storytelling, Juanita clearly explains child abuse and commercial exploitation in an informative and engaging way, leaving audiences educated, empowered, and inspired.

Juanita Headley has worked with top professionals, appeared as a lead human rights speaker at a number of prestigious events and programs for audiences in higher education, law enforcement and hospitals.

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“Juanita is staunch advocate for the freedom of human trafficking individuals. When I heard Juanita share her compelling story about its impact on the world, I could hear the passion in her voice. She is an extraordinary leader that gives voice to the voiceless and cares about the community. Invite her to your event to learn more about her book Can you keep a Secret? and her organization Changing Cases. You won’t be disappointed but moved into action to set people free from trafficking.” Dr Tara Jabbaar-Gyambrah, Education Consultant

“I was blessed with the opportunity of hearing Ms Juanita speak about human trafficking a
few days ago. Truly, it was an eye opener and never have I ever considered the human trafficking network being as big and diverse as it is. I’ve learned to be a little more aware and not to skip over what children might be showing you. I can’t say enough good things about this person and her presentation really hit home. It’s a sad world we’re living in and with people like her doing what she does, it brings hope to a seemingly hopeless situation.” Narie Moonesh Babwah

“Ms. Headley’s presentation was absolutely mesmerizing to say the least. I know for a fact no one left the same way they came in…not only was the speaker extremely knowledgeable and captivating in her delivery but most certainly the information disseminated was relevant and needed for our changing times. Sexual abuse, human trafficking, exploitation, rape and the list can go on and on is now so common place in our society that it seems to have become the norm and no longer the exception….exploits of one kind or another have plagued us over the
ages and Ms. Headley’s insight into the ‘trade’ and ‘stigma’ brings to life and light the scourge that we must try or attempt to address from even the simplistic options of empowerment workshops to changing and reformation of legislations and laws.” Jes DS

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