Joey Page

Joey Page

Whilst initially hoping to be a wrestler, dinosaur, or spaceman, Joey Page became a stand-up comedian over a decade and is now one of the most popular surreal comedians.

His career has been studded with four and five-star reviews from the likes of The Scotsman, Australia Times, and Ed Fringe Review. With a host of award nominations, including Best Comedy 2018 Perth Fringe, Best Show at Brighton Fringe Awards 2017, and the 2007 Malcolm Hardy Award for Comic Originality, Joey has become an in-demand TV personality.

He also has over ten years of experience as an awards host and event presenter, working for blue-chip companies such as GSK, Google, and Amazon.

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Type Of Speaker


A leading name in British cult comedy

Surreal, charming and hilarious. One of comedy’s most unique and exciting new talents. This innately likeable young man has an instinct for funny.

Laugh-out-loud. Page is the cheeky master of the alternative – a genuine master of his craft.
Australia Times

Absolutely amazing.

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