Joe Laverick

Joe Laverick

Joe Laverick is a professional British racing cyclist and writer who lives in Girona, Italy.

He races road, gravel and TT events and is considered a ‘privateer’ which is a rider who races professionally without the support of a professional or factory team, creating relationships with sponsors independently.

Joe’s goal is to turn Project TAG, the operating name of his race project, into a business that gives a steady income. He has sponsorship partnerships with Ribble, Parcour Wheels, Pullwood Consulting, Velotec and Precision Fuel & Hydration.

When he isn’t cycling, Joe is working as a freelance writer. On his Substack, he gives an unfiltered insight into what life is like “chasing the dream.” Whether it be trying to secure that contract, life living in Girona or balancing being a rider-writer.

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