James Kennedy

James Kennedy

James Kennedy is a bestselling author, rock musician, and host of the James Kennedy Podcast, where he chats with leading thinkers, game changers, and rockstars.

Despite being half deaf since he was a child, James taught himself to play several instruments, has since released eight albums, toured internationally, and played thousands of shows – and just about lived to tell the story.

And it’s a story he wants to share with you. It’s a story about hope, struggle, goodies and baddies, chasing the dream, gun-toting label executives, brotherhood, breakdowns, overcoming adversity, and self-discovery.

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“James is refreshingly honest when sharing his story. It was so inspiring to see someone open up and be real about their journey – the ups and downs, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. It’s not always easy to be so open in front of others and James does it with grace, authenticity and humour – a reminder that being genuine can have a powerful impact on those around us”

Miguel Angel Aranda de Toro, Resound

“James addressed a very mixed group of people at our event, and captured the attention of every single one of them. He delivered some open, direct messages that were both inspiring and thought-provoking, but his sense of humour left everyone laughing while his personal and professional anecdotes were fascinating. Feedback was unanimously positive, with most people saying they’d have liked him to have spoken for longer”

Lorraine Gailey, Hearing Link 

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