Greg Rutherford MBE

Greg Rutherford MBE

Thanks to his awe-inspiring performance at the 2012 London Olympic Games, Greg Rutherford is one of Great Britain’s top athletes. He holds several British records and has won a number of top medals, including a gold medal at the European Junior Championships, a gold and silver medal at the Commonwealth Games, gold and silver at the European Championship, a gold World Championship medal, and a gold and bronze medal at the Olympic Games.

In 2015, he became the first British athlete ever to hold all available outdoor titles – National (British), Continental (European), Commonwealth, Diamond League, World and Olympic – at the same time. As of 2022, Greg holds two British Records in the male Long Jump in 2014 and male Indoor Long Jump in 2016, jumping well over eight metres in both.

Greg has a fascinating career, plus bags of charisma and charm, which makes him the ideal choice for an after-dinner speaker, event host or compere

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Greg was brilliant and completely stole the show – not even the brass band and streamer cannons could retain the limelight. His speech was very natural and flowed really well, I appreciate that this is not something that Greg has done before and was somewhat put on the spot however he more than stepped up to the challenge. Greg came across as very humble, funny and gracious. Even our photographer remarked that it was the first time in a very long time that he had seen a celebrity blush when being applauded and that it was very endearing. Greg made time to have his photograph taken and sign every piece of paper that came his way, with anyone who asked; in fact he stayed way beyond the time we had booked him till. He also got involved with all the interactive elements of the event which we really appreciated. Several of the board of directors remarked about how great he came across and he really did make the event for us.
Network Rail

We were very pleased with speech day. Greg gave a great speech and I’m sure the children will remember the phrase “fat don’t fly” for years to come! He was very generous with his time meeting the children, posing for photographs etc. after his speech.
Adelaide, Heath Mount School 

A quick email tot hank Greg again for everything he did on 7th November at British Rowing’s training base. SAS couldn’t have been happier and feedback from athletes and staff has been absolutely glowing.
Time, rEvolution 

Greg was bloody wonderful! Brought a real energy to the room with his personality and active engagement of the audience. He was a strong end to the day and having him stay to present the awards to the colleagues was a wonderful gesture making that moment even more special for them. A great story, lots of humour and nice anecdotes all told incredibly eloquently and with a great smile! Opened up the room for questions which went down really well, and he definitely won the room over! 50% of the room (at least) were ‘drooling’! Such a gentleman too. He was an absolute pleasure to work with, pre, during and post the event…he even gave one of the team a lift to the station! The post event feedback on Greg’s session has been resoundingly positive. People still talking about it! So a huge personal thanks to him from me – he absolutely made an important conference a very enjoyable and memorable one. Priceless. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone wanting an uplifting close to their conference. Great value for money.
Andy, Greencore Northampton 

Greg was superb, such a nice guy, he had a standing ovation when he came in after our intro !! I will definitely use him again if the relevant conference needs someone like that. Top bloke.
Bidford Events

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