Dr Ant Webb

Dr Ant Webb

Dr Ant Webb – otherwise known as The Brain Whisperer – is a CEO, entrepreneur, author, mindset expert, and keynote speaker.

With over 25 years of experience in founding, running, and supporting businesses, Dr Ant is passionate about helping leaders overcome mental challenges that come with running a business.

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Thank you for your presentation– it was so timely and it felt like you were talking directly to me! As a business owner, and a dynamic woman I have always described myself as a Creator, however when you spoke about the Victim and Creator roles I realised that I am currently (in work life) in the Victim role as work life is controlling me – and to a large extent work controls my personal life too as my sleep is poor, I get migraine so have to pull out of social events – I am sure the lack of sleep and migraine is related to stress…. Which is related to work. Thank you very much – I shall certainly be reading your book.

I wanted to start by saying thank you so much for the session you delivered it was a great to understand the mind and thought processes that happen. I can’t highlight one area as I think everything you said was relatable to me in one way of another. It was about your past is your past and there is nothing you can do about this now – but how can your past reflect your current mind and influence your future. I am very happy within my role – yes it come with a lot of stresses, but I have learnt how to control these stresses with simple techniques and hearing you yesterday brought a lot of light and how what I do will influence my staff.  I lost my mum 5 years ago at age 62 – we were told about her cancer diagnosis and 6 weeks later she had past – I was in a bad place – but I needed to just focus on one thing and that was my family – If it wasn’t for my family I honestly don’t know if I would still be here today. I just want to say a massive thank you – As everything you were talking about was relatable to me in every single way.  I have passed your details onto my manager as I think our workplace would really benefit from a workshop.

Thank you for giving your time today & giving your presentation at Mid Kent College in Maidstone. I’m not someone that will speak up or share in group situations, but I found it very interesting & useful. My wife died 3 years ago & was a relationship I had to stay in for the kids due to its abusive nature. But it was obviously a shock & grief ridden time on & after her passing, not least supporting my 3 children, one of which has special needs. It took me 4 months of heavy grieving before an epiphany on Christmas day where I realised I can’t change the past & there is no point dwelling on something I chant change, but I can plan my future & make the most of the rest of my life & my children’s lives. Your presentation really solidified my views & way of thinking.

I have just returned home form the Registered Manager meeting at Mid Kent College and wanted to say a huge thank you for such a motivational and inspirational talk today. It resonated with me so much and thanks for the copy of the book I have already started it! Loving it already. I do believe my staff would benefit from one of your chats and wondered what it would cost for an hour of your time at a staff meeting? We are based in Maidstone.  You have really given me so much to think about and I am going to channel my passion into a positive mindset rather than being driven by fear….well I will try! 😊

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