Dominic McGregor

Dominic McGregor

Dominic McGregor is a successful entrepreneur and advocate with a strong background in business, mental health, and sobriety.

Dominic McGregor co-founded Social Chain, a global marketing agency that achieved significant growth and success. After leaving Social Chain, Dominic co-founded Fearless Adventures, an investment fund focused on supporting and scaling new businesses.

Dominic McGregor is also involved in the Fearless Academy, which aims to provide education and skill development in the digital space.

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Dom is an engaging speaker, sharing his remarkable leadership journey in an honest, authentic, and inspirational way. Having known the Social Chain team from the early days of setting up office in Manchester, it was fascinating to hear Dom speak of the highs and the lows of scaling a business that was disrupting the status quo, highlighting the passion and resilience which got them through the imposter days, and creating a culture which allowed people to strive and thrive to achieve extraordinary performance.
Dominic McGregor is a stand-out leader of his generation, enjoying success, but willing to challenge assumptions to result in fresh, actionable ideas to build stronger teams and create loyal customers.
With Fearless Adventures, Dom will be an invaluable ally for future scaling companies, sharing his skills and learnings to nurture future business leaders in a fresh and exciting way.
Jill Hilton from KPMG Private Enterprise – Emerging Giants

When you invite someone to share their experiences, the connection to your people and your business is vital.
For both of us, it was vital values aligned and Dominic McGregor was happy to be open and honest about the way he worked, spent time getting to know us and our need, to know who we are, and to tailor his experiences to challenge us to think differently.
On the day, he took time with our people and could not have been more personable and approachable.
We would not hesitate to recommend working with him.
Nick West from Julius Baer International – Head of Learning & Development, UK & Guernsey

Hi Dominic, I just wanted to send you a quick note. The panel discussion you were on was hands down, the best, most honest and genuine panels I have seen. Both Dan and I commented after how fantastic it was. Chatting to you in person afterwards reinforced my view of you on the panel as being genuine and honest about the state of affairs currently.
Michael Heverin from Supplywell

Genuinely, yesterday’s panel was one of the best I’ve experience, and we’ve had a lot of feedback saying exactly the same. The honesty, bluntness and past experiences really resonated with the audience, and it was incredibly refreshing. A huge thank you from Chris, Penny and I.
Jenson Brook Managing Director from Novus Capita

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