David Vickery

David Vickery

Network TV announcer and the only broadcaster to have worked in live continuity on BBC1, BBC2, ITV Regional, Channel 4 and Channel 5, you’ve probably heard David’s voice more times than you know!

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We’ve been very impressed by the quality of the recordings and it’s great to know that if we need a top voice pronto, David is just a call away! ”

Brendon Sole, Audiocentric Studios.


“David’s style is warm, clear, authoritative, engaging and totally convincing and he is completely at home on the stage, television or radio as well as being a first rate presenter in front of 1000 people hosting an award dinner.”

Adrian Drew


I wanted a voice that could be both the voice of our designer, Josef providing an interior monologue and the voice of the brand – David fulfilled that role to perfection.”

Anthony Underhill


“David managed to combine a friendly approach with a serious and tough interview technique; he could seamlessly switch between a range of styles. Not many people are this flexible and able to handle things as they happen during a live, on-air programme.”

Michael Attwell


David is one of the most well-prepared and professional voice-over artists I have worked with, and he brought a very polished quality to the series of wildlife documentaries he narrated. His voice is authoritative without being overwhelming and conveys emotion without descending into schmaltz. He’s quick, ‘directable’ and a pleasure to record with.

Hannah Hoare – Producer/Director


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