Crista Cullen MBE

Crista Cullen MBE

Crista Cullen is best known for being an elite British hockey player, winning medals at both the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics. But she has a second passion – wildlife.

Crista is a third-generation Kenyan/British, is fluent in Swahili, and splits her time between the UK and Kenya, where she flies a plane to stop poachers and protect wildlife on ‘Galana’, her family’s 60,000-acre wildlife conservancy, where she lives amongst Indigenous tribes and wild animals. Not content with having a dog or a cat for a pet as a child, she chose a mongoose and a scorpion. 

Her passion for helping save wildlife led Crista to found her own charity called ‘Tofauti’, which means ‘difference’ in Swahili. Crista was aware that in order to help save endangered animals, the local community required education, so she set up a school in a local tribal village. 

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