Craig Ainsworth

Craig Ainsworth

Craig Ainsworth is a veteran Royal Marine Commando, an elite bodyguard, Interpol associate, and author. He has also worked with the likes of Netflix, Sony, and Warner Bros, supporting the evolution of film security.

For many years, Craig had the honour of providing protection to notable elite figures, such as the Beckham family, Johnny Depp, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has also conducted surveillance on some of the world’s most dangerous criminals, orchestrating the arrest of major Mafia individuals.

However, when the pandemic hit in 2020, he found himself isolated and coping with mental health issues. Through lockdown, he lost 11 friends to suicide in just 16 months, an experience that was deeply traumatic. Falling into a scary and dark place, Craig Ainsworth knew he needed the support of his Royal Marine Commando brotherhood. With their support, he refocused and recovered with a determination to transform my experience into a force for good.

As a speaker, Craig shares his story of going from bullied London school boy to Royal Marine, and from providing security to the rich and famous onto his own personal transformation. He shares the potential within all people to grow, transform and fulfil potential and goals.

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