Colin Minto

Colin Minto

Colin Minto is a world leader in resilience, workforce stress, burnout and EDI. He supports organisations to develop resilient workers and environments where employees can openly talk about mental health.

Having overcome and managed his own personal battle with OCD, anxiety and stress over 40 years, he now helps others do the same, combining his lived experience with his knowledge and understanding of the corporate world. Drawing on his own mental health challenges, he shares how each time he has come back faster, stronger and smarter. 

In a 30 year career in HR, recruitment and talent acquisition, Colin has worked with global organisations such as Disney, Deutsche Bank, Liberal Democrats, Lloyd’s of London, AXA, Marriott, and HSBC.

Colin’s open, honest and thought-provoking talks, first shock with his inspirational journey …but then provide practical ways to optimise mental health to survive and thrive in a modern world.

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“Colin, this was one of a kind. Your style is so personal and impactful. Thank you for enlightening us and paving the way for others.”

“Thank you Colin for such an inspiring session, your transparency made the topic and concepts so relatable, thank you!”

“Thank you for such an incredible session and for being so transparent about your journey – it’s inspiring. I think we’ve all walked away with some great takeaway points made during the talk.”

“Brilliant session Colin. Definitely had a few light bulb moments. It’s amazing to see the fine line between different conditions. What I found exceptionally inspiring was your ability to be brutally honest about your own journey in the hopes of helping others.”

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