Benjamin Schnau

Benjamin Schnau

Benjamin Schnau is a TV-Presenter, public speaker, actor, entrepreneur and author based in London.

He is an expert on sales/personal development in tech industry and on how to establish yourself as an actor and creative person in the Hollywood film entertainment industry.

He speaks English and German fluently plus conversational French with work permits in the UK, US and the European market.

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Gallinée is a very innovative brand of skincare products. Because of its unusual focus, I was looking for mentoring on how to best pitch different interlocutors.

Ben was really at making me find the answers myself. He did that by being a very good listener and just orienting questions. He also helped me to summarize my proposition in one sentence, always so useful! He is very personable, extremely good at understanding and reformulating the problem. It helped me unknot the knots in my head quite a bit.

Marie Drago, CEO & Founder of Gallinee Ltd.


Launch22 is a workspace for entrepreneurs. We were setup with the aim to help all types of entrepreneurs. We do this by providing a full service workspace, incredibly useful startup events, and free and onsite mentoring. What most people don’t realize is that we are also a charity, giving away 30% of our space in the form of scholarships and the other 70% at a subsidized rate.

Our members get invaluable advice and help in sales and business development from Benjamin. Speaking from past experiences, I would advise any of our members to get in touch with him.

Benjamin knows what he’s talking about. He is an expert in his field and only gives advice about situations he knows about. He really listens to the members issues/needs for providing them with the best suitable workflow for increasing their market share and revenue.

Tom Previte, General Manager at Launch22


Mysterylunch is a platform that gives employees the opportunity of meeting other departments of their company that they would normally never meet for exchanging informations and increasing their own internal network of colleagues. The goal is to uncover synergies between departments for a more efficient workflow internally.

We are in process to enhance the German and UK markets in order to

expand customer base and to increase our markets share. Therefore sales plays
a crucial role in order to establish ourselves in the long term.
Benjamin took a long time to analyze exactly with us what and especially how we are making our customers understand why they should work with us and what added value they would receive through us.

The different approaches, such as focusing the mindset at work, the right
approach with prospects but also tips and tricks how to e.g. successfully and effectively convert leads to opportunities over the phone, contribute to a significant increase in efficiency in our activities and is exactly what we were looking for to
expand our business.

Matthew Murray, Co-Founder at MysteryLunch


‘the animation guys’ is a film production consultancy, developing and creating creative and innovative image films for our customers of all sectors

I came to Ben looking for sales and marketing advice. He was very good at listening to our needs and quickly understanding our service and identifying some of the USP’s that we had not thought of. We got out of it a very clear and fresh new way of thinking about sales that in practice was a lot easier.

Ben is not only a great person on a personal level, and believe me his personality shines through. Contact Ben as his experience and approach is very helpful and i guarantee you will see some results.

Jamien Middleton, Founder & managing director at The Animation Guys LTD.

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