Alex Staniforth

Alex Staniforth

Alex Staniforth is a record-breaking young endurance adventurer, Everest avalanche survivor, author, mental health charity founder, and motivational speaker who helps teams and leaders to achieve through adversity.

You probably won’t have heard a speaker quite like Alex Staniforth before. Journeying to Mount Everest, Alex had to overcome challenges that nearly took his life, facing two of the biggest disasters in Everest’s history as a teenager.

Alex shares a human perspective to adventure with small and large businesses across the UK and internationally, helping them build the resilience to embrace failure, protect their mental health and keep moving forwards during crisis and uncertainty.

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Obstacles are opportunities in disguise, and Alex knows this all too well. His achievement requires high sacrifice, but he is a man determined to make his Everest  dream a reality.
Bear Grylls OBE, Adventurer and TV Personality

Your session was fantastic and the content still buzzing around the room today, and I have to admit I quoted a few key messages in my closing remarks too. Lasting memory and something I will take back to practice ‘just think what we can achieve if we pull in the same direction’ – inspired.
Kay Mulcahy, National Chair, HEFMA Leadership Forum 2022

Alex’s ability to quickly grasp the messages specific to the team and our business and then weave this into his delivery was impressive. His authentic and humble articulation enabled there to be something in the messaging for everyone.
Jonathan Ford, Off Trade Director, Heineken UK

The universal feedback from all delegates was that the session was inspirational, stunning, awesome and engaging delivered by a stand-out speaker. We cannot underestimate the messages delivered or the embodiment of these in determination to continue in the face of setbacks. You have shown, many times, that your actions are equal to your words, a true role model for young people everywhere.
SASCAL Conference

Alex is an excellent speaker with a story that can motivate and inspire any room. We gave him a brief of closing one of our most high profile events , whilst reinforcing our key messages in his speech. I am pleased to say he more than delivered on our expectations.
The FA

I asked Alex to come and share his “journey” with my team of senior managers and executives to give a good example of how people overcome numerous obstacles and still come out as winners. His preparation for the presentation was meticulous, and customised to my need, message and audience. His presentation was delivered perfectly –the timing was good, the message was brilliant and the whole team were captivated. The message of overcoming obstacles to come out on top was simply thrilling. The teams feedback was of the highest praise. I have no hesitation in recommending Alex as a speaker.
Reckitt Benckiser

I was part of the group that was transfixed by your story and please take my silence in the immediate aftermath of your presentation as a genuine moment of reflection on what we humans can achieve, when facing adversity in the most challenging of circumstances. Whether it is up a mountain or in a playground!
Smurfit Kappa Open Leadership Programme

You have definitely inspired me to keep looking at everything that happens in a positive way. Every experience is a learning experience!
BOSS Federation ‘Leaders of the Future’ Conference

Alex’s keynote address positively inspired our Leaders of the Future conference audience – whatever their age. His impassioned talk transformed our day from being just a good one to being exceptional. He was also a very tough act to follow.
Phillip, CEO, BOSS Federationnce

He spoke in a way that inspired the audience to think about how they may help not just the students in their organisations but their own mental health and the mental health of people close to them. I think that everyone left his talk feeling empowered to tackle their own peaks and find their purpose.
Sanaa el-Busaidy, Universities UK

You bought together a large and varied audience of different toles, ranks and departments, and your presentation gave them the platform to step out of work, devote some time to themselves and their own mental health, offering your perspective and some techniques they can go away and use, and to realise that they are not alone. To link your expedition to Covid was brilliant and allowed us to think about things differently. Sometimes the approach to mental health within organisations as big and cumbersome as ours can feel a bit of a tick box, superficial exercise, but your sessions felt very different, very real, very humble and very authentic. In my view, you will have made a difference much bigger than you may think or ever know.
Chris, Chief Superintendent, Cambridge Police

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