Alex Atherton

Alex Atherton

Alex Atherton is a Leadership Coach and expert on Generation Z who works with senior leaders to help improve recruitment, retention and engagement of this generation of young people in the workplace. 

Drawing on his long career as a headteacher, he also supports organisations in thinking differently about Generation Z and managing their development as multi-generational institutions. 

By 2025, Gen Z will make up 25% of the workforce, yet many older people in leadership positions do not understand this generation. Alex presents the challenges for leaders and organisatioins but also the actions needed to not only overcome these challenges but ensure future prosperity. 

Alex’s down-to-earth talks make his audiences laugh and wince yet feel empowered with the practical actions they take away to implement.

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“Alex Atherton is well-versed in the challenges and opportunities for Generation Z. A great source of knowledge that businesses need to appreciate and action in order to secure their workforce of the future in the ongoing battle for talent.  A focused, articulate speaker with a fantastic appreciation of his material delivering a practical session full of value and information to act upon.”

Paul Andrews, Family Business United

“It was so great to have Alex Atherton deliver a session, all about Gen Z. It’s been a long time since I listened to a talk when I found myself making so many notes. The session was extremely informative and thought-provoking and Alex presents with such passion on a subject area that he is clearly well-informed about. I was that impressed I have asked him to keynote speak at our annual conference.”

Graham Ravenscroft, Gateway HR

Invaluable insights, an excellent opportunity for our attendees to learn about Gen and Gen Alpha. A great contribution to the success of the conference!


Alex’s preparation and facilitation skills were absolutely essential in helping get the best from this online event. He created a really inclusive space and made the links between the comments of the panel members


“Very well presented and thought provoking. We could see our audience was engaged and took away the need to make changes whilst working with Gen Z. The feedback has been great! We liked that you stayed to talk to our audience, it also highlighted that people enjoyed the session as they approached you to discuss ideas.”

Gemma Felberg, Jewish Volunteer Conference 

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