Voice of God

Our live announcers make it their business to find out exactly what they’re talking about before they do! As true professionals, what they say might sound ‘off-the cuff’, but it certainly isn’t!  Their experience sets them in good stead to make impromptu commentary and unexpected last second changes which creates uniqueness and spontaneity to every situation and event, increasing entertainment and eliminating the ‘cringe factor’.  The authority and seamless continuation that a really enthusiastic announcer adds can elevate your event to the highest professional level. 

Check out our highly experienced Voices of God (as we call them in the trade!).  You can easily create your own shortlist to share with colleagues but clicking here.  When you’re ready to run your individual requirements past us, Jane Farnham, our co-owner, will be delighted to take your call or answer your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..