James Poulter

“In this new age of digital marketing and pr, there are few people in the UK that absolutely 'get it'. Those that do have been busy proving just how valuable this new way of doing things is to business and James is one of those people. Knows his stuff, explains it in an easy to understand way and keeps his eye on future trends and how it all fits together”

Business & Mindset Mentor.

James Poulter

“JP is the ultimate collaborator. He empowers his teammates and shares his knowledge of digital trends and technologies at every opportunity. He is the first person to volunteer for a hackathon and is an exceptional facilitator of strategic partnerships. JP was a key member to the development of LEGO's social app LEGO Life (launched #1 in Kids category), and the driving force behind the LEGO emoji language (featured on Jimmy Fallon).

Mixed Reality, Microsoft.

James Poulter

“JP is full of energy, ideas, and passion for technology. He is a very strong networker and collaborator who is always looking to support new projects and initiatives and is focused on ensuring he has a strong knowledge and expertise on whatever the “next big thing” around the corner is. He also has a fantastic network and is a valued sparring partner on many topics - from Voice to Blockchain via GIFs and Emojis. It has been great working with him at LEGO Group”


James Poulter

“One of the few people I've met that have the real ability to read people and situations well, and act on that knowledge in ways that lead to real interpersonal effectiveness. In the fast-paced and dynamic digital environment, there are some situations where entrepreneurs often find themselves struggling to steer safely out of a conversational jam - James definitely does not have that problem, he loves sharing his experience to help others build their business or community”

TeComm & Lebero Events.

Anthony Bennett

At our recent Pride and Practice event, Salisbury NHS had the privilege of hearing the personal journey of Anthony Bennett. This young man through his story ensured that we celebrated all that is good about the NHS but more importantly created the opportunity for us to consider our personal focus and commitment to being the best we can be. Thank-you Anthony for pushing us forward on our improvement journey.

Cara Charles Bark CEO, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Anthony Bennett

"We invited Anthony to our sales conference in Spain. He was truly motivational and inspiring A joy to be with and an amazing individual. Highly recommended."

Mark Pettitt, CEO, Kimal Group PLC

Anthony Bennett

"Since 2006, Anthony has been a tremendous asset to the charity. The passion he demonstrates when sharing his experiences; engaging and inspiring his audience, played an important role in helping the charity to secure a £7.5m+ partnership with Whitbread plc. His natural ability to connect with, inspire and motivate people to support fundraising and to push themselves towards personal success has been astounding. He carries such positivity and it's a pleasure to witness the impact he has on people, engaging them in fundraising and helping them to understand the ability they have to make a real difference to others."

Tim Johnson, CEO, Great Ormond Street Children's Charity.

Anthony Bennett

"Anthony's presentation to the full cohort of 270 Year 12 students was a real triumph. Rarely can a speaker hold the audience so intently for such a long time but Anthony's delivery, his anecdotes and his inspirational message of overcoming adversity were listened to by all of our young adults with respect, enthusiasm, and wide-eyed wonder

I would (and have) asked Anthony to return and would encourage many other schools as possible to do the same. The change in people's attitudes after Anthony's talk was palpable and clear, we at Greenford High School are really delighted that we found such an engaging and passionate young man."

Mr. Jones, Assistant Head Teacher, Greenford High School

Anthony Bennett

“Anthony’s engaging style and ability to tailor his presentation / personal story to the audience set the two day conference off on a high note – within twenty minutes Anthony variously made the audience both laugh and cry as well as telling an uplifting tale of teamwork within a stressful and highly emotionally charged environment – and it was at the charity. The passion he demonstrates when sharing his experiences; engaging and inspiring his audience, play. The feedback from the session was simply the most positive I have ever known”

Glen Hodgson, Head of Healthcare, GS1

Tessa Dunlop

'Tessa is a brilliant natural lecturer. I first heard her on the Ancient Greeks and found her material and style riveting.' 

Sandy Gall

Tessa Dunlop

'Tessa is one of the most amusing, interesting and spontaneous speakers I have ever heard.' 

Colonel John Blashford-Snell OBE, Explorer

Paul Coia

“Paul is excellent...direct...knowledgable... imparts expertise brilliantly.”

Alex Baldock, CEO, Shop Direct