Pam Warren

A story of success, courage, bravery and fortitude ... she has triumphed over terrible adversity and come through.

Simon Weston OBE, Falklands War Veteran

Pam Warren

All of us who travel by train owe Pam and her fellow survivors a debt of gratitude for their tenacity and dedication to improving rail safety.

Sir Roger Moore KBE

Pam Warren

An unforgettable account of an unforgettable crash. Pam Warren brings humanity to a bitter, life-changing experience.

Sir Trevor McDonald

Pam Warren

Pam’s story is quite remarkable. The amazing grit and determination Pam found within herself to overcome her challenges after the Paddington rail crash were truly inspirational. Her talk was incredibly moving not only because it connected on an emotional level, but her strategies for coping with change are useful and easily applied to day to day issues. Life is often unpredictable, and now more than ever we seem to be encountering change and turbulent times. My personal takeaway from Pam’s talk is that no matter what challenge presents itself, there is a strategy to cope with it.

Laurie Spicer, International Trade Adviser at Department for International Trade

Nigel Risner

“Nigel has remained my all-time favourite speaker. His positivity, passion and nuggets of wisdom truly inspired me. A fantastic presenter and a wonderful person who I hope I get the pleasure of working with again one day.”

Deborah Macfarlane, Marketing Capability Manager – Marks & Spencer

Nigel Risner

I can honestly say Nigel Risner is unequivocally the very best speaker I have ever engaged. When I say best I mean BEST; in every respect.

Paul Surridge, Chief Executive – Sight Care Group

Nigel Risner

The future of Britain’s self esteem is safe in Nigel’s hands. He has an awesome presence which touches and transforms people’s lives!

Jack Canfield, Co-Author New York Time #1 Best Selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Nicola Cook

“Listening to you speak re-enforced my beliefs towards women in business and helped me accept that having a business that is part of who I am & is not a negative. Quite the contrary! Thank you for the inspiration!”

Ellen Green, Co-Founder, Blue Badge Company

Nicola Cook

“We found Nicola to be very down to earth, this suited our audience perfectly.Nicola engaged our audience immediately through her energetic delivery style and was able to break down the concepts she covered in to chunks that could be easily absorbed.The feedback we received on Nicola’s session was extremely positive. 92.5% scored Nicola as an excellent speaker.

We highly recommend Nicola as an event speaker.”

Laura Nelson, Operations Director, RTITB

Nicola Cook

“The event was a roaring success and met all of the objectives that we set. It provided the right mix of support and challenge for both individuals and also the group as a whole. I know that a number of people moved out of their comfort zones and stepped up to the challenges that you set.”

Mandy Rutherford, Group Head of Learning & Development, Kingston Communications Plc

Nicola Cook

“When it comes to sorting out your sales strategy Nicola Cook is the real deal; seriously knowledgeable, massively experienced, high energy, clear, generous, engaging and fun. She’ll relate immediately to your delegates, their business issues and, with laser focus, show you where to put effort into your Sales Engine for the best possible return. Book her.”

Karen Gray, ACE Chair

Nick Williams

“I have known Nick for several years now as a writer, guide, mentor and presenter. His inspirational messages and real wisdom about life and love are valued by everyone he touches. He is compassionate and challenging with equal balance; a powerful combination in the mentoring world. Nick certainly is a force majeure in this world and is truly making a difference in the lives of many people.”

Sue Cheshire, founder of The Global Leaders Academy