Warren Knight

Warren is a master of his craft! I was a little apprehensive going on the CMI L7 Digital Leadership course recently, as I wasn't sure I would learn anything new.

Having spent 3 days learning new tools and tips from Warren, I was left feeling really inspired and reinvigorated by his passion for digital leadership.

Warren has a really professional yet personal way of sharing his knowledge. Everyone was encouraged to share learnings and ideas, which really helped keep focus and interest throughout the event.

I'd highly recommend Warren to anyone that wants a deep-dive in digital leadership, and I hope I'll get the opportunity to hear him guest speak at future events.

Steve Allcock – Head of Digital Experience

Warren Knight

Warren provided an inspirational keynote at our annual Standards Publishing Advisory Board (SPAB) conference in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Titled ‘Digital Business: The Tipping Point of Success’, his talk was engaging, entertaining (he coached an audience member to do the ‘moon walk’ on stage!), andeducational.

Warren took the time to meet with dozens of the meeting attendees prior to his speech to make sure that everything he talked about was relevant to that audience. Hehas a naturally engaging and approachable style that was well-received by everyone.

I’d highly recommend Warren for your event.

Mark Strandquest - Director of Global Product Marketing USA

Vitali Vitaliev

Vitaliev is erudite, humorous and a joy to be with.

Daily Mail

Vitali Vitaliev

“Vitaliev writes with vitality and humour.”

Sunday Times

Vitali Vitaliev

“An ironic and witty commentator on life, Vitaliev writes with a humanist’s appetite for social oddity. There is a great charm in his emotional roller-coasting.”

The Spectator

Vitali Vitaliev

“Vitaliev is a genial companion. His tone is immensely likeable. He relishes his successes without arrogance and suffers disappointment without self-pity. He is a genuinely comic writer – not a sabre-toothed satirist, despite the Krokodil years, but friendly and slightly melancholy.”

The Independent

Vitali Vitaliev

“Vitaliev has a sharp and sardonic eye, and his observations are informed by his humanity and compassion… He is an engaging fellow and his books put you at his companionable elbow.”

Daily Telegraph

Vitali Vitaliev

With the charm of Michael Palin and the wit of Clive Anderson, this man is adorable.

Time Out

Vitali Vitaliev

“Vitaliev has an irrepressible sense of humour”

The Guardian

Vitali Vitaliev

“Vitali Vitaliev is a star in the making.”

Time Magazine

Chris Jewell

“Your talk was wonderful. You clearly have multiple talents! To organise such a major operation must have been a huge challenge in itself. The diving and underground navigation must have required enormous skill. Your delivery on stage was superb”

Anton Bowring, Transglobe Expedition Trust

Chris Jewell

“Thank you again for sharing your story of the truly amazing Tham Luang rescue. I think I speak foreveryone at the event to say that it inspiring”

Steve Blundell CFO The Access Group