Tim FitzHigham

Last night was great and Tim was excellent he is such a nice guy!!! He had dinner with us which was really nice, and his set went down like a treat! So perfect on all accounts!!


Tim FitzHigham

Please pass on our thanks to Tim. He was brilliant. It was a very well-pitched, lively and fun talk that reflected the brief we'd provided, and the discussion we'd had on the phone about the BSA's vision and mission, really well and I know that our guests really enjoyed it.


Suzi Digby OBE

“Feedback has been beyond my expectations and can best be summarised as:

'Took me out of my comfort zone before I even knew it'

'Amazing parallels in music and what Suzi did with what we have to do as leaders and team players in banking'

'Suzi's leadership, energy and communication skills were awe-inspiring'

'The sessions gave me so much food for thought and areas for me to work on as a leader'

'Great opportunity for us to join up in a focussed but enjoyable manner'

'The dinner with Suzi was enlightening, not just because of her music experiences that translate to our leadership needs, but her own amazing leadership'

'Really fun event too'. In short, I would say that is a wrap! Thank you for all that you have done to help us on our

Martin Spurling, Fifs Chief Executive Officer Offshore Islands & HSBC Bank International Limited

Suzi Digby OBE

“Suzi Digby was a very successful guest speaker at Roedean School. She gave an engaging and lively presentation which drew on the specific features of the school and kept young and old entertained with activating and community singing.”

Mrs Frances King (MBA) London (MBA) Hull, Headmistress of Roedean School

Suzi Digby OBE

“Suzi assumed we could all sing – so we could!' ~ 'Normally a very competitive atmosphere – so we let down our guard and played together' ~ 'Everyone was committed to working together to get the best sound”

National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare

Suzi Digby OBE

“Suzi was on stage with Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones when her choirs (Voce Chamber Choir and London Youth Chamber Choir) performed for the 50th anniversary concerts at the O2 with a capacity audience of 20,000!”“Suzi, her conductors and musicians performed a miracle for us for our 210th birthday when they brought together three choirs of 60 colleagues and in under two hours coached them in three sung and danced medleys of Abba, the Beatles and Gangnam Style before an audience of 2,500. Suzi and team turned up the emotional pitch and united us all. It was an extraordinary moment. As for the singers, they bonded with colleagues they didn't know, achieved something they knew nothing of when they awoke that morning and of which most did not think themselves remotely capable. F

The Pictet Group

Susie Dent

'Susie’s presentation in our Summit's Marketing Innovations Track was a real hit. The audience not only gained a new appreciation of the value that precise language can bring but also enjoyed the style in which this content was delivered. Susie is both an engaging and informative speaker and was a real pleasure to work with in the build up to the event and off-site. She tailored her presentation to the international audience and received very high scores from the delegates. Highly recommended!’

Simon Morris, Director Demand & Content Marketing, Adobe Systems Europe

Stuart Maconie

Stuart Maconie was approachable and was keen to learn about the event he was presenting. His hosting on the night was first class, which helped create a memorable event.


Stuart Maconie

I would like to thank Stuart for a great performance last night. He did an excellent job; he was extremely professional, flexible and of course entertaining. There were lots of laughs from the audience which was good and I think he hit just the right tone. We have received lots of positive verbal feedback. It was really nice of him to join us for the reception after the ceremony, at one stage he was surrounded by about 8 people (fans!). He was very accommodating giving an interview on the red carpet and getting in a few photos for guests.

British Council ELTon Awards 2014

Sophie Radcliffe

Each year we hold an annual Clear Channel Conference to achieve three main objectives 1) reward our teams for the great work they did the previous year, 2) give them a clear vision of what needs to be done for the following year, 3) excite and inspire them to challenge themselves to be the best they can be.Without a doubt the hardest objective is number 3, this year we decided to get Sophie to talk to the teams about her experiences. Sophie articulated brilliantly that if you put your mind to something you can achieve almost anything. It takes hard work, determination and lots of courage.By sharing her experiences and demonstrating how she achieved what she did really did inspire the teams to believ

CLEAR CHANNEL Chris Pelekanou, Commercial Director

Sophie Radcliffe

Brooks were more than happy to jump on board with Sophie’s next challenge, London to Brighton. Having met Sophie once before, we quickly noticed her passion for a challenge, masses of enthusiasm all whist holding a smile (and a balloon). Sophie and gang completed their London to Brighton challenge in Run Happy style and documented their journey through social media. Their communication helped ignite the Brooks philosophy – the Run Happy spirit amongst their running community.

BROOKS RUNNING UK Sophia Marks, Marketing Manager

Sophie Radcliffe

Sophie came to speak at one of our Women’s Network events and was a pleasure from start to finish. The guests really enjoyed her speech and over a week later people are still talking about her inspiring stories. Sophie was more than happy to speak to the guests before and after the event which added an extra special touch. Thank you Sophie for coming along and sharing your experiences with us, I hope we can work together in the future.

KPMG Siobhan Regan-Presky, HR Manager