Greg Scott

“Greg did a brilliant job of our English speaking pilot; It’s a pity he’s not French!?

A great show needs a great host and he’s one of them!”

Francis Vacher, CEO, French TV

Greg Scott

“Greg is a joy to work with; He’s enthusiastic, cheerful and as professional as you can get.”

Howard Huntridge, Senior Executive Producer, Worldwide Entertainment, FremantleMedia

Greg Scott

“Greg Scott – Fantastic with people and a truly excellent live host.”

Michael Leggo, former Head of Light Entertainment, BBC Television

Greg Scott

“Greg was the lead presenter of a talkbackTHAMES ITV show for me a few years ago and was an extremely successful choice as our host. Viewers loved him and cast and crew were delighted to work with Greg who became an integral member of the team behind the scenes as well as in front of the camera. He was warm, funny and personable and built a very dedicated fan base for the programme.”

Alex Mahon, CEO, Channel 4.

Nick Sanders

“Fantastic, clear, enthusiastic”

Jo Mears - DHL

Nick Sanders

“The team were literally buzzing after your speech. We have taken lots to keep ‘live’ going forward”

Suzanne Grainger - Resourcing Director, BP

Nick Sanders

“The best speaker I’ve heard”

Christine Kavados - BUPA

Nick Sanders

“What a brilliant keynote conference speech from Nick who has a fabulous, inspiring style and really makes you think about how your behaviour influences others”

Jane McGill - British Airways

Nick Sanders

“Thank you so much Nick. Awesome speech. Feedback is fantastically positive.”

James Hughes – Global Head of Infrastructure, Schroders

Tony Morris

“Interesting and relevant content delivered in an extremely eloquent, articulate & humorous manner; Scored 10/10 on all 4 areas


Tony Morris

His presentation was the highlight of our conference

Network Auctions

Nigel Barlow

‘Nigel has provided great inspiration to my team and has delivered a new mindset to the organization in order to help us drive our strategic initiatives. He has provided clear industry best practices and is always available for further deep dives to support our growth. Nigel is above all a great guy that you can relate to, so you can trust he is there to support you and your team and not to cash and fly...’

TetraPak – Madrid