Sam Jones

"Sam Jones is a unique talent for inspiring change in people." 

Zoe Jackson MBE

Jeremy White

"Jeremy did a splendid presentation. We had very good reviews on his insights. His attitude towards our questions about the future was a realistic and practical one. And that was good: no high-rising expectations or fantastic science fiction, but very pragmatic analyses of what will develop further in the future. Would we recommend him to other conferences: yes certainly."


Jeremy White

“Jeremy gave our research team an insightful and engaging talk on innovation - not just in areas directly relevant to Danone and its core business, but also detailing developments in other fields, that built a coherent picture of how the technology landscape as a whole is changing every industry right now."


Jeremy White

?"Jeremy did a fantastic job engaging the group and he was always conscious of bringing it back to beauty which made it super relevant for us. He was also obviously very knowledgeable and flexed his presentation based on the varying levels of understanding in the room and the questions that were being asked (which were lots!)."


Jeremy White

"Jeremy immersed our audience in the exponential technology landscape and bought it to life in an informed and amusing way. His refined speaking style made the complex simple, and generated significant engagement and enthusiasm."


Jeremy White

“Jeremy is able to articulate complex new developments in technology in an exciting and relevant way that engages with the audience and promotes new thinking.”


Jeremy White

"Jeremy's talk on the developing tech landscape looked at core areas of finance, but also charted how AI and machine learning will be fundamentally changing other industries. His case studies were not only relevant but intelligible, elevating the session from mere future-gazing to valuable insight."


Jonathan Clays

“You did a fabulous job at The FMBE awards Jonathan. Thank you.”

Samantha Tasker-Robbins FMBE Awards:

David Harper

‘We could have listened and watched David all day long’

U3A (Antiques valuation talk)

David Harper

‘Go for the laughs’

Darlington & Stockton Times (Unexpected Tales)

David Harper

‘You do this so well, David’

Gyles Brandreth (Charity Auctioning)

David Harper

‘Harbinger of great tales…and boy, you’ll find them hilarious’!

Steve Coleman. Smooth Radio. (Unexpected Tales)