Chris Jewell

“Very many thanks indeed for your really excellent presentation yesterday.  Glowing reports are even now rolling in with a lot of folk who come to our event every year saying it’s the best evening and the best speakers we’ve had for ages”

Ranulph Fiennes

Jane Malyon

When Jane walks into a room you immediately want to go and talk to her – she fills a room with happiness, love and laughter.

Bridget Hunt - The Diet Detective

Jane Malyon

I've heard a lot of speakers and there are just a few I remember.  This lady, Jane Malyon, made a big impression on me at an event where there were other speakers.  I personally remember only HER talk, and to today it is stuck in my mind.

Debora Luzi

Jane Malyon

Hearing people like Jane who love what they do, is simply a blessing.

Mark Leruste

Jane Malyon

A brilliant talk - went down a storm.Easily the best speaker we have ever had.

Sandra McAdam

Jane Malyon

Just perfection. Charmingly unique, spot on presentation and clear, relevant information. Absolutely loved her. Thank you so much.

B. Reilly

Mark Denton

“Very engaging and great delivery. It was very interesting to discuss leadership in a different context (sailing), and be able to apply it to our own scenarios.”

Jane Perry

Mark Denton

“Mark was invited to give the Key Note Address for the annual Total Exploration Leadership Seminar. The presentation proved to be the highlight of the event with Mark's energetic and engaging story telling aligning so well with our organization's leadership program. While the session itself lasted for 90 minutes, many of the participants provided feedback afterwards that they could have listened for an hour more! Thanks Mark for providing this memorable moment.”

Celeste Gibbens

Mark Denton

“Mark gave us a new perspective on what we do every day. Leadership must be implemented differently in every situation. A great hour with many new insights”

Jose Luis Jimenez Aisa

Mark Denton

“Wonderful session. It was amazing how Mark talked about his experience and the messages he sent to us can be applied from day 1 with our teams. A lot of lessons learnt in less than 90 minutes.”

Lorraine MIldner

Mark Denton

“A truly inspirational speaker who provides transferable messages for all industries and walks of life. Highly recommended!”

Andreas Hinkler

Mark Denton

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed your session this week. It ticked all the boxes of being a truly inspirational story with powerful key messages, highly visual and impacting, just the right pace and you created an environment highly conducive to learning.

I will always remember your story and the lessons I’ve taken from it"

Conference Organiser