Rob Moore

Rob uses lots of good ideas about the balance of living a life away from working 24/7, I wish I had seen this book when I was a teenager!”

Frank Bruno MBE

Rob Moore

Rob is a great mentor for both my property journey and podcast media. He’s prolific, accessible and unique. Thank you Rob.

Kevin Clifton - Strictly Come Danuing

Liam McKelvie

Liam came to iTech Media (July 2019) and presented a thoroughly engaging, inspiring and captivating story to our team. His delivery style is authentic, humorous and it genuinely moved people. Liam has gone through so much in his life so far and hearing this direct from him, with zero ego or any requests for pity, just raw emotion with salutary learnings for us all

Alan Cairns – Chief Operating Officer - iTech Media

Liam McKelvie

Liam spoke at an event in Canary Wharf organised by one of our Business Resource Councils. Liam inspired and encouraged through his honest and professional talk. It is not often that you run an event and the entire audience are completely engaged and attentive for a 45-minute talk. I would highly recommend Liam as your next motivational speaker he has bundles of energy mixed with humour. His talk will leave your audience getting back to their day to day with a greater resilience to handle life’s ups and downs at work and home.

Peter Brand – Senior VP Northern Trust:

Liam McKelvie

Liam is an outstanding speaker. He delivers his message with a real force - and it leaves you feeling a whole range of emotions, but mostly passion, to get your own life into gear! I took away tangible actions to move forwards on some personal projects I've ignored for too long. Liam has an exceptional gift for motivating people - with his stories, his humour, his commitment to himself and his real belief that you can achieve pretty much anything you set out to do - if you set out to do them. I recommend working with Liam 100% - his words and vibe leave a lasting impact. And he's a lovely person too!

Fiona McKenzie – Creative Services Manager - Insights

Liam McKelvie

I saw a clip of Liam on LinkedIn about 6 months ago. We had two events planned on wellbeing and workplace experience in Leeds and London. He seemed, on the clip, really genuine someone who wanted to tell his story. It inspired me to reach out and so glad I did. He was a joy to deal with on the run up and his speech was simple pared back to just him and a few slides but boy so so effective.. People were moved, inspired and a whole host of other things.. Liam took his chance and I am now trying to get him some more work in our own company as his message MUST be heard...

Damien Stancombe – Partner at Barnett Waddingham

David Saddington

I knew from the outset David was a talented communicator but his achievements since have quite simply been staggering. He has established himself as one of the most important contemporary voices; helping others understand the scale and complexity of climate change and other important environmental challenges. His depth of experience, his enthusiasm and optimism can not be commended more highly.

Alex Palman - Former Climate Change Communications Manager, Defra

Warren Knight

Warren is a brilliant speaker having a lot of interesting topic, not only about marketing.

His presentations are always both educational and full of show.

That's the reason why we invited him again. His presentation was full of great examples, as well as tips and people really loved it.

We’re looking forward to future cooperation with Warren again.

Terezie Charvátová - Performance 2020 Czech Republic

Warren Knight

Warren exudes 100 percentage energy and passion for digital leadership. His insights and seamless facilitation stimulates great syndicate discussions and generates thespark for the engine of innovative thinking.

The immense paradigm shift I have undergone since participating in the course Warren led has created endless possibilities of digital transformation, supported bysolid models for change.

I have been lucky to meet cutting-edge thinkers in their field during my career, and Warren hits top spot, entirely in a class of his own. Thanks for the inspiration and theconfidence, Warren - you've written a solid intro to many people's digital stories.

Thank you!

Rob Taylor - General Manager and Digital Leader

Warren Knight

Warren is a master of his craft! I was a little apprehensive going on the CMI L7 Digital Leadership course recently, as I wasn't sure I would learn anything new.

Having spent 3 days learning new tools and tips from Warren, I was left feeling really inspired and reinvigorated by his passion for digital leadership.

Warren has a really professional yet personal way of sharing his knowledge. Everyone was encouraged to share learnings and ideas, which really helped keep focus and interest throughout the event.

I'd highly recommend Warren to anyone that wants a deep-dive in digital leadership, and I hope I'll get the opportunity to hear him guest speak at future events.

Steve Allcock – Head of Digital Experience

Warren Knight

Warren provided an inspirational keynote at our annual Standards Publishing Advisory Board (SPAB) conference in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Titled ‘Digital Business: The Tipping Point of Success’, his talk was engaging, entertaining (he coached an audience member to do the ‘moon walk’ on stage!), andeducational.

Warren took the time to meet with dozens of the meeting attendees prior to his speech to make sure that everything he talked about was relevant to that audience. Hehas a naturally engaging and approachable style that was well-received by everyone.

I’d highly recommend Warren for your event.

Mark Strandquest - Director of Global Product Marketing USA

Vitali Vitaliev

Vitaliev is erudite, humorous and a joy to be with.

Daily Mail