Yasmine Mahmoudieh

Yasmine Mahmoudieh

Yasmine Mahmoudieh, is a multiple award-winning architect and interior designer renowned for her pioneering work in multi-sensory and sustainable design.

She is deeply committed to sustainable practices in her field and demonstrates her devotion by speaking at forums around the world but also through her actions. 

Yasmine Mahmoudieh is the founder of Impact Design Now, a company that produces high-quality, sustainable furniture using 3D printing technologies and recycled materials, maintaining the integrity of high-quality design while promoting sustainability.

Yasmine also explores the future of architecture and the role of technology in her discussions. She is at the forefront of technological innovation in design, with projects including a 3D printed furniture line from recycled plastics and a pioneering virtual real estate project in the Metaverse.

Through her talks Yasmine Mahmoudieh educates audiences worldwide about the importance of sustainability in architecture and design. She discusses how careful selection of materials can lead to healthier alternatives to toxic substances like plastic and concrete, resulting in designs that are both attractive and eco-friendly.

In addition to being an impactful keynote speaker, Yasmine is a guest lecturer at universities and colleges in cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, Monte Carlo, Lausanne, Shanghai, and Moscow. She serves on the BLLA board and has been a visiting professor at EHL for nine years. For the last 10 years she has taught at the Institut Paul Becuse in Lyon and Paris and she is a mentor at the Royal College of Art in london.

With her influence and expertise in sustainable architecture and design, Yasmine Mahmoudieh has been featured in several high-profile publications. Her work and insights have been highlighted in Architectural Digest, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, ELLE, Business Insider, and Digital Journal.

Beyond her speaking engagements, Yasmine Mahmoudieh serves as a global ambassador for sustainability in architecture and design, delivering lectures at prestigious forums like the World Economic Forum in Davos and COP28 in Dubai.

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“Yasmine Mahmoudieh played a pivotal role at the OPAL Award winners event in Shanghai, where she delivered a powerful and insightful keynote speech that focused on the cutting-edge use of innovative and recyclable materials within the design industry. Her presentation underscored the importance of sustainability and innovation in modern design practices. Furthermore, Yasmine participated in a panel discussion, contributing her expertise and insights to a broader conversation about industry trends. She also had the privilege of presenting certificates to the OPAL Award winners, recognising their outstanding contributions to the field and celebrating their achievements alongside them”.

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