George King

George King

George King, widely recognised as The Shard Climber, is a young pioneer in the world of extreme sports and urban free climbing.

His most talked-about achievement was scaling London’s iconic Shard in 2019 at the age of just 19, a stunt that catapulted him into the global spotlight. 

George King BASE jumps from the buildings he climbs, using a parachute to descend safely to the ground.  He has also climbed the Lotte Tower, in Seoul, South Korea and the Stratosphere Tower, London, Copenhill, Copenhagen in Denmark.

With each climb, George has further confirmed his reputation as a daredevil urban climber.

As a result of his radical feats and likeable, down-to-earth character, George has gained work as a TV presenter for Channel 4, presenting two extreme sports specials. In 2020, George was featured in a Channel 4 documentary called The Boy Who Climbed The Shard. It has currently gained an extraordinary 1.6M views on YouTube (Below)

A popular and engaging speaker, George talks openly on fear management, touching on the theme of neurodiversity and specifically ADHD with his first-hand knowledge on the subject.

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George King was one of the most incredible and impactful speakers we’ve ever had at HubDot. His story is so powerful, and his delivery style is engaging and deeply human. His words captivated the entire audience, leaving us all eager to work on our ‘fears’ and follow his advice on transforming them into superpowers. I wholeheartedly recommend George to any organization or group, regardless of age, interested in exploring a universal feeling we all want to overcome and control.”

Simona Barbieri, HubDot Founder

“There is something quite heroic about George King. This nation was built on daredevils and I think it is that buccaneering spirit that we have probably lost over the years. I admire the spirit and it is what made this country great.”

Piers Morgan

“During Neurodiversity Week, we had the pleasure of welcoming George King. His discussion on overcoming fear to scale some of the tallest buildings in the world, alongside his candid sharing about living with ADHD, was inspiring. George captivated the audience from start to finish, effortlessly weaving his personal experiences into an engaging narrative. His talk wasn’t just informative; it was an immersive experience. What started as an internal fireside chat, quickly transformed into a lively exchange of ideas. We’re grateful to George for sharing his unique perspective.”

Nicole Vettise, Neuberger Berman

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