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Wild Swimming


Jack, Calum and Robbie Hudson aka The Wild Swimming Brothers, achieved international success after being the first to swim the two largest maelstroms in the world. Their open water adventures have seen them journey over six continents, including a 90-mile swim of the River Eden in Cumbria where they grew up, as well as conquering the harsh waters of the Arctic Circle. 

The brothers regularly document their progress, and their Nordic expedition, Into the Maelstrom, became one of their most successful documentations to date.

They also have an active YouTube channel and Facebook account where they regularly post videos and blog about their adventures and upcoming challenges. They have won numerous awards for their swimming achievements and in 2015, received a nomination for the World of Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year award.  

More About Wild Swimming

Having been passionate about the outdoors and wild water swimming since they were young, the brothers are keen to promote wildlife conservation and use their passion to raise money for associated charities such as The Swimming Trust and the Outdoor Swimming Society.

They have also been a popular choice of speaker at the Wilderness Festival and featured in Another Escape magazine. The brothers also participated in a ...

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