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The first investigative journalist in the old Soviet Union, Vitali Vitaliev was forced to defect from the USSR in January 1990 – the result of his ground-breaking and courageous investigations for Krokodil magazine into Soviet organised crime, neo-fascism, political prisoners and the persecution of dissidents.

A regular media commentator on current political and social issues, Vitali now works as Features Editor of E&T magazine and is an accomplished and popular public speaker.

More About Vitali

For his dangerous and pioneering exposures, Vitali was awarded several Journalist of the Year awards as well as Golden Calf, Ilf and Petrov Prizes for satirical journalism in the USSR.

He also received the Nieman Fellowship in Journalism from Harvard University (USA) – the most prestigious title that can be bestowed on a professional working in the field of international investigative journalism.


Since his esc...

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“Vitali Vitaliev is a star in the making.”

- Time Magazine

“Vitaliev has an irrepressible sense of humour”

- The Guardian

With the charm of Michael Palin and the wit of Clive Anderson, this man is adorable.

- Time Out

“Vitaliev has a sharp and sardonic eye, and his observations are informed by his humanity and compassion… He is an engaging fellow and his books put you at his companionable elbow.”

- Daily Telegraph

“Vitaliev is a genial companion. His tone is immensely likeable. He relishes his successes without arrogance and suffers disappointment without self-pity. He is a genuinely comic writer – not a sabre-toothed satirist, despite the Krokodil years, but friendly and slightly melancholy.”

- The Independent

“An ironic and witty commentator on life, Vitaliev writes with a humanist’s appetite for social oddity. There is a great charm in his emotional roller-coasting.”

- The Spectator

“Vitaliev writes with vitality and humour.”

- Sunday Times

Vitaliev is erudite, humorous and a joy to be with.

- Daily Mail