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Sam shares his unique research tools with his experience coaching the UK’s brightest public figures and influencers to create higher performance and better well-being within young people.

He looks at how the culture of instant-access information on our phones and devices is affecting our own psychology, as well as how a fast-paced world impacts the thoughts and feelings of this generation.

More About Sam

Sam Jones is the Founder of several companies and apps (All In, TwentySomeone, TIME score) in the area of mental wellbeing and has been a personal coach to over 300 clients, including many young celebrities and entrepreneurs.After being on Job Seekers Allowance at 21, Sam now works with individuals and global brands, often using his unique T.I.M.E. research to help them perform better and feel better.

He also created an open-to-the-pub...

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"Sam Jones is a unique talent for inspiring change in people." 

- Zoe Jackson MBE

"What Sam has achieved in is really inspirational"

- Lisa Baker, HR News

"Sam Jones has created a detailed, insightful, motivational and comprehensive programme to help ease young people through a stage of life which can be daunting and is often rife with confusing and life-changing choices" 

- Beverley Blackman, Psychotherapist