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Richard Askam is an accomplished speaker and successful entrepreneur who now shares his vast experience with other organisations, and individuals, keen to succeed in our ever-changing world. 

His tailored presentations will assist any audience with both their immediate and long-term challenges. All of his work is rooted in the fundamental need for organisations – regardless of size – to sustainably grow their profits.

From his own extensive experiences, and his unique observations of other UK and international businesses, he provides invaluable insights on strategy, change, and what success really means.

Richard is also one of our most sought after event hosts (awards and conferences) and panel moderators working all over the world. He has an uncanny knack of making the audience feel relaxed and an integral part of any event - as such he delivers maximum value to clients because a happy audience is an engaged audience!

More About Richard

In his twenties, Richard realised that his family’s small chain of off-licenses was doomed by the supermarket phenomenon rapidly changing the business landscape. Using his entrepreneurial spirit, sharp judgment and understanding of future trends, Richard created a new business from the ashes of the old.

Starting from scratch in a rented garage, he built one of the country’s most profitable independent wine merchants. Using success ...

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