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Nahla Summers is a cultural change consultant, author, international speaker and award winner; including the Points of Light award from the Prime Minister. Her story and how she overcame adversity has been inspiring businesses and people around the world.

She has written two books to date, ‘A Culture of Kindness’ and ’44 Rays of Sunshine’ (Winning Most Inspirational Book 2017).

‘A Culture of Kindness’ is the powerful theory of how we can bring kindness into organisations and not only be happier and improve wellbeing globally but also be more productive and therefore profitable. 

More About Nahla

Using the theory along with her 15 years of experience in senior leadership and extensive research, Nahla transforms organisations to provide them with quantitative change; Including higher productivity, improved employee retention, engagement and reducing stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Through her talks, she inspires a mindset of positive change in her audiences and organisations as a whole. She is impro...

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