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Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen is a serial entrepreneur and best selling author. He has started over 20 companies across technology, financial services, marketing, HR, food and education, with thousands of employees, and investors such as Goldman Sachs, Alibaba, Peter Thiel and the World Bank.

More About Mads

Prior to starting his investment holding company, Nova Founders Capital, Mads was Global Partner and Managing Director of the German internet giant, Rocket Internet; Head of Asia at Groupon (the world’s fastest growing company), and a Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company. Mads received his bachelor from Copenhagen Business School and his MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Mads has delivered hund...

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“We build events, print newspaper inserts and online communication on leading media platforms with the purpose of inspiring companies to strengthen their digital business models and footprints. There is no greater joy than booking a keynote speaker who totally takes the audience by storm. Mads Faurholdt-Jørgensen is such a speaker. He is inspiring, convincing and completely authentic as he has walked every single step of his digital talk. People at our 
2017-event, Digital Leap, rated Mads 4.9 out of 5 and found the story about his career in digital as well as the tips and tricks he provided during his session both inspiring and easy to implement.”

- Gitte Gormsen, Partner at Reach Media, Denmark

"Mads delivered a great speech in which he managed to put a new perspective on how a fast follower strategy is to be preferred if network effects do not apply to the business model or the market. I can definitely recommend Mads as a speaker"

- Kurt Nørrisgaard, CEO of BEC, Denmark

"Mads held a very inspiring speech. Many of the thoughts he shared with us, is still lingering inside my own thoughts here weeks after"

- Mathias Storgaard Freundlich, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

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