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Jason Fox - Former Royal Marine Commando & Special Forces Sergeant turned TV Presenter & Best-Selling Author

Serving for 20 years; Jason passed the gruelling selection process for the Special Forces, serving with the Special Boat Service.

He has planned and led operations including hostage rescue, counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, maritime counter-terrorism, surveillance, bodyguarding andcounter-narcotic missions.

More About Jason

Jason also trained as a combat swimmer, demolitions expert, Special Forces dog handler and jungle survival expert.

Leaving the Special Forces in 2012 and moving in to the TV and Film industry, he initially used his wealth of experience in the Special Forces to support production crews who wereworking in environmentally hostile areas, such as the jungle, the arctic or the desert.

It was during this period tha...

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‘Jason Fox’s sphincter-tightening three-part documentary…Bullets
fly, men die in cold blood and the lives of the programme-makers are
put at risk’

- The Observer

‘an excellent, unflinching film about Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, the most
powerful in the world’

- The Observer

A vivid, searing account of a life at war.

- Bear Grylls

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