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Jane has been an entertaining Speaker for years. Her parents said she was a perfect baby until she learned to talk - and she hasn't stopped since.

Jane is also the author of three books and an entrepreneur, keen to encourage others to Play Nicely in business - and other women to embark on business adventures to fulfil their potential.

She runs The English Cream Tea Company based in Essex, UK along with the famous 'Scone Gnomes' who freshly prepare and send out afternoon tea-related gifts worldwide. They run The Secret Sconery events venue and tea room - and also gained the Guinness World Record for the largest tea party. 

Her company has its own range of teas, preserves and more.

More About Jane

"Being nice isn't being weak or a pushover. It's a way to make the world a more effective, kind and happy place!"

Her background includes 20 years as a Communications Skills Trainer helping teams and individuals to connect and get on better.  

Jane's latest book became an Amazon best-seller this year. It's 'Scone or Scon(e) - the Essential Guide to British Afternoon Tea'. She's taught tea time manners and customer s...

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Just perfection. Charmingly unique, spot on presentation and clear, relevant information. Absolutely loved her. Thank you so much.

- B. Reilly

A brilliant talk - went down a storm.
Easily the best speaker we have ever had.

- Sandra McAdam

Hearing people like Jane who love what they do, is simply a blessing.

- Mark Leruste

I've heard a lot of speakers and there are just a few I remember.  This lady, Jane Malyon, made a big impression on me at an event where there were other speakers.  I personally remember only HER talk, and to today it is stuck in my mind.

- Debora Luzi

When Jane walks into a room you immediately want to go and talk to her – she fills a room with happiness, love and laughter.

- Bridget Hunt - The Diet Detective