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Inge is an expert in gender smart working and the author of ‘Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women’ and has a passionate, engaging style.

She is an inspiring speaker, with a message that resonates with both (leading) women and senior managers: ‘stop changing women, start changing organisations,’

Inge has a unique take on gender diversity. She has reviewed bio-psychological and brain research to find those gender differences that are relevant in the workplace. She applies those to solve the enigma of the lack of women in senior positions and in the pipeline, and gives real examples on how to move forward and not just keep women in but also leverage what they bring.

She is a highly qualified speaker, facilitator and tutor, and experienced panel moderator, researcher and consultant.

Her talks are highly interactive, with personal stories, statistics, discussion, fresh ideas and insights and some truly practical actions.

Inge’s talks are ideal if you are looking to:

  • Change mindsets
  • Increase gender awareness
  • Boost women’s confidence
  •  Engage men, women and leaders in Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leverage talent
  • Build mutual respect
  • Inspire effective new steps towards gender balance

More About Inge

Keynote topics:

  • Gender Smart Working – for mixed gender teams
  • Gender Smart Leadership – for managers and team leaders
  • Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women
  • Motivational talks for women and mothers
  • How can Women best Advance?
  • Am I my own worst enemy? – for Women
  • S.x and neurons at work – applying gender difference to team performance – for m...

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“Inge delivered a very insightful and powerful talk. The views and topics discussed were backed up with factual research which really resounded with our group..”

- Stacy Smolinski, Women’s Network at Shell

“Inge gave a great presentation based on her refreshing and innovative approach "Being Gender Smart". Inge is a very enthousiastic speaker and challenged our conventional ways of thinking. Inge succeeded to engage the participants and her workshop transformed our anniversary event into a very inspirational session.”

- Evy Schools, Business Development Manager, Total

"Inge delivered a thoroughly professional, thought provocative and stimulating session. The workshop was repeated twice during the afternoon and both slots overran due to numerous questions and interesting debate generated by the participants. I would thoroughly recommend Inge as a speaker or facilitator at any workshop related to gender and diversity."

- Nina Wilson, Director Client Service, Avaya

“Inge is very approachable and responsive to work with and tailors what she provides to what is requested. Her area of expertise could not be more relevant for anyone needing to focus on better gender balance.”

- Deborah Dalgleish, Ashurst

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