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Entrepreneurial inspiration - Emily Newstead proves every day that nothing should hold you back from success!

Emily boasts a wealth of experience, proudly working across a wide range of business sectors and within various professional environments; Emily is a leading Yorkshire Woman Entrepreneur and Influencer with many accolades and achievements.

Not only the CEO & Founder of her own company, but Emily also champions great experience, knowledge and insight in Business Development, Leadership and Management, Events Management, Education, Sport, Retail, Military, Product Research, Staff Training, Team Development and Guest Speaking.

Emily’s authenticity and honesty are highly engaging and inspiring to others, with a drive and motivation that is contagious.

More About Emily

Diagnosed in 2014 with the autoimmune condition endometriosis, Emily was faced with daily chronic pain, invasive surgery and lengthy treatment. However, after her treatment, she decided to see this as a catalyst for positive change and to influence her journey.  She grabbed life fully - with a tenacious winning attitude and launched her own full-time business just several months later, accepting life had changed indefinitely.  Emily ...

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