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Dr. Zoe


Dr Zoe Williams graduated from Medical school in 2007 and has since specialised in preventative medicine, sports medicine and promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

She is the clinical lead of the Public Health England’s GP clinical champion network and currently practices as an NHS GP in London.

Zoe is the resident doctor on This Morning (ITV) and has features on Horizon and Trust me, I’m a Doctor, both for the BBC. She is also a conscientious fitness expert, having competed in numerous sports including athletics and rugby.

In 2009, Zoe collaborated with rugby professional Spencer Davey to develop the first-ever celebrity run Bootcamp, ‘Naturally Fit.’

More About Dr. Zoe

She also founded the ‘Sportsgirls’ organisation which aims to increase the enjoyment of sports for young girls by inspiring, educating and motivating them to be more active. The scheme later developed to ‘Fit4Life’ which also encouraged boys to engage in a more active lifestyle also.

Her athleticism was best demonstrated when she was selected from thousands to compete on Sky 1’s Gladiators. She remains an undefeated champion ...

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