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Dr. Oscar


Dr Oscar is an expert at picking apart the complex science of the human body and is fascinated in uncovering the stories behind medical conditions and diseases.

Oscar was born with Albinism, a congenital condition where pigments in the skin, eyes and hair are completely or partially absent in the carrier’s genetic make-up. Suffers are also more prone to poor vision and skin cancer as their skin burns more easily in the sun.

Consequently, Oscar understands first-hand the challenges that people with disabilities face. Nonetheless, this has driven him to further understand the workings of the human body, believing that medicine should empower rather than restrain those with a condition or disease to achieve their goals.  

More About Dr. Oscar

Oscar’s passion for medicine has seen him go on to present the BBC2 documentary, Born too White.

For the documentary, Oscar travelled to Tanzania, a country with one of the highest rates of Albinism in the world. Here, he explored the shocking truth behind how people with the condition are treated. The programme raised awareness of the daily discrimination of those with Albinism face often suffering from mutilation. In extreme cases,...

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